Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

I knew it.- Uh, uh.- Oh, it’s hitting more.(laughter)- I’m a little nervous.My stomach is fickle, sowe’ll see how this goes.It could end badly.- I’m excited to haveAmericans try this food,I think it’s an acquiredtaste and some of the thingsare like, very different.I actually don’t like some of the dishes.But I’m excited to seewhat the people think.- (speaking Russian)- It looks kind of likeif you deep fried a mouse.- It’s basically justchicken wrapped in breadingand there’s just a chunk of butter inside.- And they sort of wrapit around the bone,so it’s like an emptybone and they wrap it.

This was my favoritefavorite thing as a kid.- So.- Best tackle this?- You just cut it down the middle maybe?- Ooh, look at the grease.- Oh my gosh.- It literally just spills out butter.- Look at this.- Oh my gosh, there’sso much butter in there.- So (speaking Russian),that means to health!- It’s like chicken noodlesoup inside a chicken.- Tastes pretty standard.I’d eat it for a lunch I guess.- I want another piece.- Me too.- That was amazing.- We stand.- I like the crust, it takesa lot to chew it though.- Crust is good, good for the holidays.You don’t have to talk aboutpolitics with your family,you can just chew this a lot.- This doesn’t look as good.- Here we have olivye, which is the mostprobably traditionalsalad you can think of.What’s inside?- Usually its carrots,potatoes, green peas,mayonnaise.- Maybe like pickles, and youcan have chicken or a ham,and sometimes it’s a lot of mayonnaise,depends on how you likeit, this one doesn’t havetoo much mayonnaise, I love this salad.

(speaking Russian)There’s a lot of differentflavors that I can’tquite get a read on.- It’s delicious.- Is there a freaking fish in here?Is this egg potato salad?Is this fish potato salad?It’s not bad, it tastes like potato salad,but there’s some extra shit in there.- Want any more?- There’s nothing left!(laughing)- It looks like cake but I know it’s not.It’s like a lot ofdifferent shades of pink,which I don’t really know how that works.- Selyodka pod shuboy, whichis herring under a coat?- Mmhmm.So on top, you have sliced eggs, cheese,a layer of mayonnaise,then you have beets,potatoes, then you have herring.- Pickled herring.- Pickled herring, and then more potatoes.- (sighs) I think forthis one we just dive in.- I’m like sweating.- Nope, I knew it.- Ah, ah, ooh.- It doesn’t taste bad.- It does.It does.- It’s hitting more.(laughter)- It’s like fish mayonnaise.

You know how WillyWonka crafted that candythat was like dinner inyour mouth and a bunchof courses?- Yeah.- I feel like this is theworst dinner you couldpossibly have, becauseat first it starts outand you’re like, oh you justate a bunch of mayonnaise.And then you start tastinglike pickley stuff,and just this nasty aftertastein the back of your mouth.- It’s a hard pass for me.- Yeah, no please.- Sorry.- Thank you, next.- I don’t want to see it anymore.- Is this literally just a tomato?- We have a pickled tomato.Russians pickle everything.You can have pickled watermelon.- Apples.- Apples, they pickle apples.- You’re having the whole thing?- Is that not how you eat it?(laughing)- What?I love this!Is this like a pickled tomato?Whoa.- I don’t trust it.- I think you all justwitnessed me discoveringmy new favorite snack.- As traditional as it can get.

White bread with somebutter, and some ikra,which is baby fish eggs.- Yeah.- They’d go to the movies or something,and in the Soviet Union,they’d just go outthey would get some bread with ikra.That was just the snackthat you would munch onall the time.- Oh yeah.When I went to the beachwith my grandparents,it was a boiled egg, cucumbers, and that.- Really?- Yeah.- What happens when they get hot?- That’s growing up Russian.- Do you like ikra?- I do, but you have tobe in the mood for it,I enjoy, not to bebougie, but black caviar,it’s not as fishy.- This is a lot saltier than typical.I feel like you need todrink a gallon of waterwith every bite I take.- I don’t hate it.But I don’t think I’dactively be like, oh,I want this egg bread.- Yo yo wanna meet up and get egg bread!- They’re sardines! (laughing)- Sardines on white bread,butter, we’re simple people.I think I used to love these as a kid.But I have not had them in years.- They’re golden sardines!Are sardines, sardinesaren’t gold are they?- Don’t they look like covered in gold?

They do look kind of golden.Do they always look golden?- I swear to god, if theseare gold plated sardines,you are wasting your money.- This is delicious.Literally it’s like a nicesmoked, like salty fish,it doesn’t taste likecaviar, it doesn’t tastelike the pickled herring, it’s not fishy.It’s more like oily and salty.- Mmhmm.- It tastes like a smalljust little cooked fish.- I’m gonna finish thiswhole piece of toast,this is great.- It looks like cake.It smells–Like fish?- No.- This is your favorite cake, right?This is called napoleon.- The taste, I like creamy stuff,like lobster tails and all that stuff.- The reason I really like this cakeis it’s not too sweet.

This feels like very light, very flaky,and just like you can eat a lot of itwithout getting sick.- That’s good.That’s good cake.- Is it cake?Is it a pastry?Is this fish potato salad?This is more like bread.- So, that’s basically like the mosticonic thing you’regonna see at every table.- You know, maybe I justwon’t go to that manySoviet holiday parties.- Herring in a coat?It’s canceled.Pickled tomatoes?You got renewed for another season.

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