Russian Salad Recipe | How To Make It – Allrecipes

Russian Salad Recipe | How To Make It – Allrecipes

Russian Salad Recipe|How To Make It: Allrecipes-Russian is famous around the globe.Majority of peoples like this salads. Peoples like to eat Russian salad, because it is made with mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits. It is originated in Russia.Russian peoples like this salad very much. Its taste is very good. I also like Russian foods. Today, You will learn how can we make this salad at home. It is very easy to make at your home. Peoples has started this business,Where they had presented this tasty dish. Their business grew up well and now they are the owner of a restaurant. So,You can start Russian salads business with only small amount. So, Do not waste your time.Start your business after reading this article and start earning. Learn how to make Russian salad recipe.

In this article, you will find all the ingredients necessary to make Russian salads. We will also guide you step by step  that how can you make this salads. I would like you to make it right now.  Read this article carefully.Make a list of ingredients, got market and purchase all the ingredients and start making this tasty dish. I hope, all your family member will like this. It will fulfill your calories requirement.

Ingredients List To make Russian Salad Recipe

A list of ingredients is given below to make Russian salad. All these ingredients are easily available in market. We recommend you to purchase good quality products from market.You can buy all material from trusted super store of your area. Following ingredients are necessary to make Russian salad.

  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt for taste
  • Black Pepper
  • French beans
  • Carrots
  • Potato

Only, Above listed ingredients are necessary for Russian salad preparation. There are different types of Russian salads . We will teach you how Russian peoples made this sweet and tasty dish. You can also search for Russian salad recipe Urdu to check its preparation method in Urdu.

Preparation Procedure

Firstly, Take three potatoes and cut the potatoes into small cubes. Put these small cubes into cold water. Take two carrots and cut them into small pieces. Also, take one pineapple and cut this into pieces. Cut the French beans into small cubes.

Secondly, Boil carrots,French beans and potatoes for 5 minutes. After boiling all these ingredients put them into bowl. Wait for few minutes and let them cool for few minutes.

Thirdly, Add 1/2 table spoon black pepper, little salt and one cup mayonnaise in this mixture. Now, Mix all the ingredients very well.

Russian salad is ready, to serve.

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