Tandoori Chicken Sajji – Allrecipes

Tandoori Chicken Sajji – Allrecipes

Tandoori Chicken Sajji: Dear allrecipes lover i hope that you are fine with good health. Survival is one of the most important factors in quarantine days due to coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). That is the reason today we are going to make chicken in a tandoor which is called tandoori chicken sajji . Tandoori chicken sajji is one of the most delicious dishes made in Pakistan. Especially the people of Pakistan love this dish. Tandoori chicken sajji is one of the most delicious dishes and popular dishes in Baluchistan. Let’s move on and see how we can make tandoori chicken sajji today . It is very famous in Islamabad and Karachi. To find chicken sajji shops in Karachi and Islamabad, visit the following links.

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  • 4 Complete chickens.
  • Potatoes
  • Bell pepper
  • Salt
  • Red chili

How to make a tandoori chicken sajji?

To make tandoori chicken sajji . We have taken a chicken and some vegetables for stuffing. I have taken some bell pepper and some potatoes. Now, adding almost half of the teaspoon of red chili. Your vegetables for stuffing are ready. Click here to find chicken sajji in Lahore .

Marinating the tandoori chicken sajji with masala:

Now we have to marinate the chicken, for marinating the chicken. We use salt and red chili again. Simply add salt one and a half tablespoon heaped. I am taking this for four chickens and I am taking almost 2 tablespoons of red chili. Now, mix salt and red chili well. This is called masala. I will apply the masala inside the skin first, carefully, so I don’t damage the skin of the chicken . After doing the inside, we will apply the masala the same on the outer side of the chicken .

Tying the chicken with a steel wire

Now since we are going to stuff vegetables in it. For this, I will stretch the skin of the chicken from its chest and tuck its neck with the skin. Now, I will take a toothpick and insert it into the skin and the flesh. So, it holds there. Now, I will turn the chicken and stuff the vegetables in it.

Just enough so it can easily be closed when stuffing is done. I will stretch the skin and cover the flesh with it.  Now I will pull its tail and close the chicken with it. After this, I will take toothpick again and insert these into its tail to hold it from there. Now, I will tie it up using steel wire to hang it in the tandoor. Here we go I will do the same with the rest of the chickens.

Hanging the chicken inside the tandoor

Now, We have trussed all our chicken. I am going to tie these on the barbecue rods. Now, here I have tied one and ill tie the rest. Tie two chicken on one rod. Now I am going to go out and hang it in the tandoor.

Now, I am going to hang it in the tandoor. Make sure your tandoor is hot. After hanging all of the four chickens with a little bit of gap in between them.  I will cover it with a lid. And I will close the bottom hole of it as well.

I will seal the lid with mud by doing this we will preserve the heat inside the tandoor. Because we will cook the chicken on steam. Now I will leave it for about one and a half hour and it will be ready.

After one hour forty minutes, we remove the mud from the sides. And remove the lid slowly. As you can see the picture below is cooked well. The final phase is slowly pull up the chicken and open the wire and enjoy it. Do not forget to taste those vegetables that we stuff inside the chicken.


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